Animal Licking Salt

We are manufacturer and exporter of Animal Licking Salt. This product is manufactured from 100% Natural Himalayan Pink Salt for licking of Animals. Minerals are essential for the health and wellbeing of livestock (Horse, Cows, Sheep, Goats, and Camels). The Original Himalayan Pink Salt contain mineral supplements for animal health. Animals need this essential nutrition for a vitality and balance life. You may contact us for bulk order by email or whatsapp: +92-331-8470841
Is Himalayan Pink Salt an essential nutrient ?
Himalayan Pink Salt is usually considered as flavored or seasoning salt; but it is very important to know that this 100% Natural Himalayan Pink salt contain 84 essential minerals which are extremely vital for healthy and disease-free development of animals. Animals need Natural Salt for proper functioning of a body and development.

Why to Use Animal Licking Salt?

Like humans animals also need salt to maintain the fluids level in their body to prevent health problems. Like humans, animals also need salt (Himalayan pink salt) in their diet to remain healthy!
For animals, consuming salt is a necessity for the functioning of a body. To exist, all animals need salt in their diet. Salt is present every-where in the body and is an important body element. So, it is pretty normal for all animals to crave salt to meet their requirement for sodium and calcium along with other minerals. Let us dig deep in detail because animals need salt (Himalayan Pink Salt).