Power Cord for Salt Lamp

Power Cord for Salt Lamp

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps are best known for their quality as Natural Air Purifier. Salt Lamps purify the air during their process of ionization. The Salt Lams glow when a bulb is switch on with a special Power Cord for Salt Lamp. Special Power Cables for Salt Lamps are manufactured by keeping all aspects which are needed for a security purpose. Using a sub-standard power cord may result an accident or mall-functioning. So always use a standard Power Cord for Salt Lamp.

saltlamps.pk have special power cord for salt lamp available to buy online. Every Country has different voltage standard so you should aware the voltage system of your country and order a proper power cable for salt lamp. You can get detail of Plug, Socket & Voltage by Country You may order from our facebook page facebook.com/onlinesaltlamps

Salt Lamps in Lahore

Crafted Salt Lamps

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps are available in Natural Rock shape and Hand-Crafted different Shapes in different Size. We are manufacturer and exporter of Himalayan Rock Salt Products like Pink Salt Lamps, Pink Salt Grains, Salt Cooking Tiles, Salt Bricks and Tiles, Animal Licking Salt, Aroma Salt Lamps, Salt Massage Stones, Salt inhalers, Salt Foot Detox . You may contact us for customized shapes also. For bulk orders we offer wholesale price. Although we have factory setup in Quaidabad, Pakistan and having office in Lahore Cantt we are serving to whole Pakistan. You may visit our Display Center in Lahore Cantt.

We are importer of Salt Lamps Accessories. You may contact us if you are searching Power Cords for Salt Lamps, Bulbs for Salt Lamps, Wooden Base of all size, Wooden Base with color changing LED for USB Salt Lamp, Wooden Base with single color LED for USB Salt Lamp, Salt Grinders, Bulb holder for Salt Lamp etc.

Himalayan Salt Cooking Tiles


Himalayan Salt Slab for Cooking. Now enjoy serving on Himalayan Salt Block. These are 100% Natural Himalayan Rock Salt plate/Tile. Salt plate is Easy to clean. You can rinse or wipe with wet paper towel or cloth. It can last for years for enjoyment if you use it carefully. Give a new trend to your cooking on the Salt Surface such as Shrimps, Fish, Thinly sliced chicken & Beef or even fry an egg on these Himalayan Salt Cooking Tile. These Himalayan Chef Cooking Salt Plates can be used as serving platter for Hot or Cold edibles. It can also be used on the Grill and on Gas Stove as well. Salt Cooking Slabs are available in different Sizes like 12″ x 8″ x 2″ inches (LxWxH) or 8″ x 8″ x 2″ inches (LxWxH). You may order for your specific Size too.

These Salt Tiles are manufactured from a large salt deposit discovered in Pakistan known as Himalayan Rock Salt Range. It was crystallized with 84 minerals more than 200 million years ago during the formation of our planet. Himalayan Rock Salt is the purest salt to be found on earth because Ancient sea beds were covered by volcanic lava, protecting the salt from pollution. Himalayan Rock Salt vary in color shades from clear to light pink to dark red. Pink salt blocks can hold temperatures for a long period of time, making them great for the grill. Himalayan pink salt blocks do not impart a heavy salt taste; instead add a subtle salt flavor to your food. You can also chill the block to use a serving dish for cold appetizers. You can cook anything on Himalayan salt block from fruit to seafood to eggs.

Natural Shape Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps


Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps are very useful. If you are looking for pink salt and want to import from Pakistan then we are right choice. We are manufacturer and exporter of Himalayan Rock Salt Products like Natural Shape Salt Lamps, Crafted Salt Lamps, USB Color Changing Salt Lamps, Wooden Basket Salt Lamps, Metal Basket Salt Lamps, Salt Tiles, Salt Bricks, Salt Cooking Tiles with Stand, Animal Licking Salt, Tea-Light Salt Candle Holder, Night Light Salt Lamps, Salt Soap Bars, Salt inhalers, Edible Salt and salt grains in different sizes. 

Himalayan Rock Salt is available in 4 shades
1- Pink Himalayan Rock Salt
2- Dark Pink or Red Himalayan Rock Salt
3- Grey Color Himalayan Rock Salt
4- White Color Himalayan Rock Salt

Natural Shape Salt Lamps can be arranged in all available color shades. Natural Shape Salt Lamps are crafted in different sizes. You may order for the Natural Shape Salt Lamps from weight 0.5kg to 150 Kgs or even more Havier. All Lamps are fitted with Solid Wooden Base to keep the Lamp safe from electric current. Wooden Base gives a beauty to the Lamp.