People Are Using Himalayan Salt During COVID-19

Salt Lamps

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps have made their way toward Home decoration. The Lamps are made from Himalayan Rock Salt from ancient Khewara Mine, Pakistan. They are lit from inside with a bulb and gives a relatively dim, Amber Light. The popular pink salt isn’t just for sprinkling over dinner or a soothing bath anymore. But it is used for So many health benefits now-a-days.
Many believe that salt lamps have health benefits from curing Asthma to Detoxing a room. Many researches claim that Salt Lamps release helpful negative ions in the room and clean the air by the process of ionization. The benefits of Negative ions or ionization were discovered in 1998 study on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The study showed that high-intensity negative ions treatments can reduce chronic depression and SAD and other studies also showed the similar results. Negative air ionization is created by adding an electron to oxygen molecules to create negative ion. Negative ions are also created in nature by crashing ocean waves and even sunlight. These (negative ions) are believed to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood.
Mostly people are using Himalayan Salt During COVID-19 because of below given benefits:

  • Himalayan Salt Water Gargle are recommended twice a day during covid-19
  • Washing vegetable and fruits with Himalayan Pink Salt are recommended during covid-19
  • Himalayan Salt helpful for ease to respiratory problems
  • Himalayan Salt relief Body Stress
  • Himalayan Pink Salt improve immunity
  • Himalayan Pink Salt purify indoor air quality.