Bath Salt

Skin reflects the condition of intestines. Research has proved that salt minerals help your skin in the form of ions when you take a brine bath. By taking salt bath; Bio-energetic weak points will be balanced and your body’s energy flow will be activated.
To get the full benefits of a natural Himalayan salt bath, the right salt concentration is critical. The salt concentration has to be at least the same as the one of your body fluids to activate the osmotic exchange ratio. Himalayan rock salts are hand-picked from salt mines and we provide the best quality of Himalayan slat which is more effective in salt bath as compared to others. They are great for aches and pains. In addition, Crystal salt also helps to beautify the skin. These salts will stimulate circulation, hydrate the skin and increase moisture retention.
Salt BathIf you use the Himalayan rock salt in your bath tub provided by us; your skin will become soft and tender. Moreover in case of nervous break-down, insomnia and stress; Himalayan salt is used to calm your body. Using rock-salt improves blood circulation and decrease muscular strain, It improve health strength, working ability and it influences in your sentiments. Avoid to take salt bath if you have problem of hight blood pressure or you you are feeling stressed. You may consult with your doctor or can write us at for any furhter information or precautions before taking a salt bath.
Directions to Use Bath Salt:
Dissolve 15-20 gm Himalayan Rock-Salt in a bathing tub having warm water temperature then take a bath for 15-30 minutes. After taking a ban; wash your body with pure water and then spread-out your whole body by moisture oil. Take such bath 3-4 times per week (if possible) and it uses to immerse foot in water.
Before bed is a good time to spend in negative ions emitted by salt lamp, as you will find yourself so relaxed by the natural serotonin boost, you will be able to gently drift off into a restorative sleep.
Beware: If you suffer from high blood pressure; Use of Himalayan salt is not recommended before you have seen your doctor or a qualified health practitioner.

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