Himalayan Salt Pillows

Salt Pillow

Salt Pillows are a great source of remedy for muscles aches and pains. The best thing about this therapy is that it is a natural therapy and contains nothing artificial.
The Salt from Himalayan Mountains contains 84 minerals that are essential for human life.
With its power to re-mineralize, re-energize, replenish electrolytes and maintain the body’s pH balance along with its ability to improve circulation, respiration and nervous system function, the Himalayan salt crystals has been used in inhalers and lamps to give health benefits. Now we are making a new way to take advantage of this natural resource by making pillows of salt and using them by either heating them or cooling as muscle relaxer and healer. These natural salt crystals can alleviate symptoms and treat common muscle pains, joint aches and headaches.
There are no side effects of using salt pillow, you can use it as much as you want on the Swelled area or joints to reduce pain and on sore shoulders after a long busy day.

Direction To Use:
The Salt pillow can be used at room temperature and for more effective therapeutic effects it can either be used as a hot or cold compress.
If you want to use your salt pillow as a hot compress, heat the pillow in the oven at 145 degrees to 165 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes or microwave at a medium setting for a minute. If the warmth is bearable, you can place it directly on the affected area to soothe sore shoulders or tight necks. This salt pillow hot compress can also be used to ease back pain and menstrual aches.