Ionization is the process whereby atoms and molecules become electrically charged, forming ions. An atom can gain one or more electrons to form a negative ion or lose electrons to form a positive ion. Air ionization refers to the ionization of air molecules. This can take place as a result of various natural processes, or a device can be employed to ionize the air in order to bring health benefits either directly or through air purification by the removal of airborne allergens, pathogens and pollutants. It generally is agreed that negative ions are more effective than positive ions for these purposes. 

Air ionizers generally work by applying a high-voltage electric current to a metal prong or needle. An electric current consists of a flow of negatively charged electrons. As the electrons approach the end of the needle, the electrostatic repulsion between them causes them to detach from the metal surface and attach themselves to molecules of nitrogen and oxygen in the air and to airborne particles, forming negative ions.

Although the claimed direct health benefits of negative ions, such as relief from seasonal affective disorder(SAD) and depression, are the subject of research and debate, there is good evidence from a number of studies that ionization, particularly with negative ions, can purify the air by removing small suspended particles that might harbor harmful bacteria or allergens. It seems that when these particles become ionized, they tend to settle onto grounded surfaces, such as walls and floors, leaving the air cleaner. Air ionization has been used successfully in the dusty atmosphere of poultry farms, for example, to remove harmful bacteria from the air and to reduce the incidence of disease.

Another useful application for air ionizers is in the prevention of electrostatic discharge. For example, an electrical charge can build up on sensitive electronic parts during handling or assembly, resulting in sparks that cause damage. An air ionizer can help neutralize charges before discharge takes place.

The effects of air ionizers might not always be beneficial. The ionization of nitrogen and oxygen can result in the formation of small amounts of ozone and nitrogen oxides. These are lung irritants and are classed as pollutants. There is concern that some air ionizers could generate harmful levels of these gases.

Air ionization can also take place naturally, such as during thunderstorms and by the action of sunlight. Rock that is subjected to pressure can generate electric currents that might manifest themselves as air ionization around surface rocks. It has been suggested that earthquakes could be predicted by the detection of ionization effects in earthquake zones.

Negative Ion:

In nature negative ions are created by mean sof wind, sunlight, surf, waterfalls and rainstorms. Genrally; a negative ion is an electronically charged molecule made up of oexgen. The human body is surrounded by ions; therefore, the function of electrons inside and outside the cells has significant influence on the human body. It makes the body strong if good ions are taken. When the amount of Negative Electric Ions contained one cc of air inhaled reached 5,000 to 50,000, it strengthens the body’s resistance and immunity; and when the amount of Negative Electric Ions contained in one D.C. of air reached 100,000 to 500,000, it relieves illnesses. Negatively Charged Electric Ions in our body are essential in sustaining and improving our health. Whereas 85% of the Negative Electric Ions are absorbed from our skin, only 15% is inhaled and absorbed through our lungs. (quoted from page 56 of Negatively Charged electric Ion Treatment, issued by Youth Publishing)

Negative ions are beneficial to human body in four major ways:

Reprinted from “Economy Daily News” – January 30, 2002

  • Strengthen the functions of autonomic nerves
  • Reinforces collagen (tissues that are resilient and tension-related)
  • Improves the permeability of the cell’s prototype plasma membranes (improves metabolism)
  • Strengthens the body’s immune system

Negative ions neutralize pollutants and provide positive effects on health to

  • Stimulate the reticulo-endothelial system, a group of defense cells in our bodies that marshal our resistance to disease
  • Act on our capacity to absorb and utilize oxygen. Negative ions in the bloodstream accelerate the delivery of oxygen to our cells and tissues
  • Speed up oxidation of serotonin (5-hydroxtryptamine) in the blood. This is well known to have far reaching effects on mood, pain relief and sexual drive.

Positive ion:

A positive ion in the air is a molecule that has lost its electrons through process of air pollution.

Sources of Harmful Positive Ions are;
  • Tv Set
  • Computer Monitors
  • Heating & Cooling System (AC/ Heater)
  • Mictowave Ovens
  • Vacume Cleaners
  • Tobacco Smoke
  • High Voltage Networks

Scientific tests have revealed that the ratio of negative to positive ions should be between 1.02 to 0.98 and the air’s composition of negative ions should range between 1000-1500/cm3. Measurements have shown that the number of negative ions decreases to 200/cm3 in a closed room containing several people

Europeans have been aware of the HEALTH BENEFITS of salt for generations, and people suffering from chronic congestive problems go to clinics located in salt mines for treatment! It’s called SPELEOTHERAPY. The very dry, negative ion-rich environment of these salt mines helps to clear out the patients’ bronchial tubes and sinuses, and to kill bacteria and other microbes.

Ionized air also substantially reduces the number of airborne bacteria indoors. The benefit of ionizers is well known. While most ionizers on the market are man made machines, the salt crystal lamp is a beautiful alternative of mother nature, without any noise and NO harmful OZONE!

Dr. Albert P. Krueger, a microbiologist and experimental pathologist at the University of California, found that an astonishing small quantity of negative ions could kill bacteria and quickly take them out of the air so they were less likely to infect people.

Smoky Indoor Air
Office Building With Central Heating / Air Conditioning
Normal Indoor Air( Windows Open)
Urban Air In Average Industrial City
Country Air
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