Salt Fights Muscle Cramps

We have all experienced muscle cramps at one time or another during or after activities like running, playing a sport or simply walking. Health studies show that muscle cramps materialize when a muscle is overused and/or the body is lacking fluids and minerals like potassium, sodium, calcium, or magnesium. One of the ways of ensuring proper fluid and mineral levels is by taking a daily dose of Natural Salt. Himalayan crystal salt possesses more than eighty minerals and nutrients that charge our body with energy and power and help prevent muscle cramps.
Natural Salt May Balances Electrolytes: an imbalance of electrolytes can be one of the causes of muscle cramps. Electrolytes are the material that help conduct electrical impulses responsible for muscle contractions and nerve impulses to other cells. Without electrolytes, your body’s cells couldn’t communicate efficiently. Salt helps balance the electrolytes in our body by providing us with potassium and sodium.
Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Helps with Mineral Deficiency: aside from balancing the electrolytes in your body, Natural Salt provides you with two important minerals that are also essential for the prevention of muscle cramps — calcium and magnesium. Sufficient amounts of these and other minerals in your diet can help you avoid muscle cramps.

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