Why Himalayan Salt is Pink
Himalayan Pink Salt

Why Himalayan Salt is Pink

As the Name reveals, Himalayan Salt comes from foothill from salt mines in the Himalayas. Why Himalayan Salt is Pink; there are two main types of salt we use Natural Salt & Sea Salt. Sea Salt is processed from the water of sea and it is pure white in color While Natural Salt comes from foothills of Salt Rocks. Most of the Natural Pink salt available online as well as at shelves of grocery store comes from salt mines in Pakistan; a very famous Himalayan Rock Salt Range in the Eastern half of the Pakistan Country.
It is said that Khewra Salt mine at Himalayan Rock Salt Range is the world’s 2nd Largest Salt Mine and it is producing about 325,000 tons of salt every year.
Himalayan Salt is pink in color because of the minerals within these underground salt deposits and these deposits formed thousands of years ago. The salt is just like sea salt in term of basic composition and the color is due to trace minerals. Research proves that Pink Himalayan Salt get its color from Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper and Iron. But the Himalayan salt is not the only type of pink Salt that is there. There is also Alaea Salt also know as Hawaiian salt. Freeman explains that this salt is reddish-pink because of the “Iron oxide added in the form of volcanic clay”.
Those trace minerals are why Himalayan salt has a slightly different taste than regular kosher salt or sea salt; it tends to be described as more subtle, better as a finishing salt than something to add to a regular recipe. Since Himalayan salt is more expensive than regular table salt, it’s not really an ingredient you want to use in huge quantities. Besides, it looks so pretty that you’ll probably want to show it off. Our contact detail is given on contact page; you may  find us on facebook or write us on sales.saltlamps@gmail.com or whatsapp: +92-331 8470841