Benefits of Natural Salt

Salt Lamps are an organic, natural remedy for Asthma and Allergies. This scientifically proven method of helping to cleanse the air in the home of pollen, mold spores, dust and pet dander, among many other environmental pollutants, may ease the symptoms of respiratory problems such as Asthma and Allergies. In fact, many Asthma & Allergy suffers have reported experiencing relief of their symptoms almost immediately after placing salt lamps in their homes and office areas. Aside from this health benefit salt lamps also emit a relaxing, tranquil glow that benefits emotional well-being by reducing irritability & depression, especially during the cold, darker winter months.

The electronic air purifiers on the market help with Allergies and Asthma because they ionize the air. However, these products can be problematic and lack the emotional benefits of a Salt Lamp. For instance, a standard ionic air purifier may be too noisy for a child to sleep with, so it ends up turned off for the night, the period of time when the child would be exposed to the cleansed air for the longest portion of the day and thereby benefit from it the most. The standard air purifier also lacks the benefits of the natural, relaxing glow of a Salt Lamp. For these reasons, the lovely, natural air purifiers are beginning to grace hotel lobbies, resorts, spas, restaurants, and homes across America, and around the world with their refreshing health benefits and natural ambiance!

Meanwhile, the natural health benefits of unprocessed Pink Sea Salts are being put to good use in the kitchens and baths of the world as a healthier alternative to processed table salt & a natural, healthy, rejuvenating alternative to commercially produced bath salts & bath therapy products! Due to the long history of the use of salt in centuries old folk remedies to stimulate circulation, lower blood pressure and remove toxins and heavy metals from the body, health professionals, spas, and chefs around the world use the various forms of unprocessed Pink Salt for its healing effects on the body and relaxing effects on the mind. Unprocessed  Himalayan Pink Salt Cooking techniques have been featured on The Food Network’s Iron Chef America, while resorts such as The Casa Laguna Inn & Spa and The Blue Ocean Resort offer Himalayan bath salts for sale or complimentary 15 minute Himalayan Salt Sole Baths with their select Spa Packages.

Whether one is looking for a natural remedy for Allergies and Asthma, a healthier alternative to table salt, or a natural bath salt to add a more soothing effect to their next bath, Pink Salt may be the solution they are looking for. 

Fights Diabetes & Normalizes Blood Sugar Fights Muscle Cramps
Fights Acne & Psoriasis Disorders Promotes Vascular Health
May Improve Digestion Fights Ear Infections
Promotes Excellent Dental Hygiene May Stop Foot Fungus
May Stop Motion Sickness May Stop Sore Throats
Fights Menstrual Disorders Breathe Easier
Promoting A Healthy PH Balance Fights Headaches/Migraines

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