Bowl Shape Salt Lamps

Bring divine harmony to any room with this beautiful salt crystal lamp. Its therapeutic glow of orange hues infuses a natural calm bringing the mind and body to a gradual sense of tranquility and well-being. This lamp is scientifically proven to work like an air purifier and is often called – Nature’s Air Purifier. When the lamp is lit, it emits negative ions that fight against positively charged particles that cause us to feel stuffy and sluggish. (Allergens; Smoke; Dander; Pollens and other air pollutants). It clears the air and naturally dilutes odors so that we can breathe easier. People with asthma often find it helpful in reducing their symptoms and many medical practitioners recommend using these lamps to help relieve depression and fatigue.

Made of salt crystals, from deep within the Himalayan Mountains, home to the world’s purest and most colorful salt. It is hand carved to preserve its natural beauty and attached to a Neem base. It is almost maintenance free and is very easy to clean. Just wipe off the outside surface with a damp sponge and dry off with a paper towel. You can change the color of the bulb to give a different hue to the lighting area. You can keep the lamp lit for as long as you like and the longer you keep it on, the better the emission of negative ions.

Enjoy the warm, relaxing glow and aesthetic beauty of these unique, functional works of art!

Each of our hand carved salt lamps are crafted from a single Himalayan Salt crystal, creating beautiful, unique lighting features. Infuse your home with an aesthetically pleasing glow by placing one or more of these captivating lamps in any room! Each piece is distinctly hand carved to retain the unique, natural beauty of the salt crystals, so no two salt lamps are exactly alike!
Natural Salt Lamps and Burners act as a natural dehumidifier and improve the quality of air in your home and office by releasing negative Ion charges counter electronic pollution in your area from computers and appliances.

They make a great bedroom night light with a soft glowing light that freshens the air at the same time. Our salt lamps support sleep and restfulness with its ambient light.  With the low wattage bulb that slightly heats the salt the lamps are safe to touch and ideal to have as night lamps in a baby or child’s room.

You don’t have to wait for Valentines Day to express your love with our beautiful Himalayan Salt Bowl of Hearts.

Bowl shape, beautiful, well crafted salt serenity lamp is not only enhancing the beauty of room; it is also beneficial to your health. salt lamps are coveted for the rich mineral content that gives them their unique glow.
The bowl is shaped out of pure Himalayan Salt which is attached to a beautiful hardwood base. Inside the bowl there are about 10-15 Himalayan Salt Rocks that sit on top of a protected 15 watt bulb and it plays a vital role for ionization. Each Serenity Bowl comes with a Free UL Tested dimmer cord and 15 watt bulb.

Their main attraction, however, is that the heating of the salt causes the crystal to release negative ions (often called simply ‘ions’). Negative ions have long been considered healthy; the sea air, mountain air and the air around swiftly running water is high in negative ions. Indoor air, recirculated air, and air around electronic equipment is very low in negative ions. Many office workers who suffer health complaints around fluorescent lighting and computer monitors report considerably less fatigue and headaches if the concentration of negative ions in the air is increased. Why negative ions may be beneficial is only partially understood.
Weight: 6lbs, 8lbs, 10lbs
Height: 5″, 6.5″, 7.0″
Diameter: 5″, 6″, 7″

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