Himalayan Salt Lamps in USA

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps have many health benefits. You feel better while sleeping near to Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp. Himalayan Pink Salt have a process of ionization which is known to purify the air. Salt Lamps in USA have specific power cord having E-12 Standard bulb holder. Detail about Plug, Socket & Voltage by country can be found by clicking here. For USA below given two sockets are used with 110V & 60hz.


We are exporting Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps in Natural Shape and Hand Crafted shapes, Wooden Basket Salt Lamps in different Size. We are also sending other Himalayan Salt Products to USA like Salt Bricks & Tiles, Animal Licking Salt in different Size, Pink Salt Grains in different Size, Salt Cooking Tiles, Himalayan Salt Foot Detox, Himalayan Salt inhalers, Salt Soap Bars and Bath Salt.